Social Guidance

Our experienced and passionate teachers are committed to nurturing each student's unique potential.


The social and behavioural welfare of students is the duty of all teaching staff and the Housemasters/mistresses. Every student belongs to a particular House. There are four Houses that provide boarding facilities to students at Akosombo campus. The boarding houses have been named after eminent personalities who have played prominent roles in the building of the Akosombo Hydro-Electric Dam. The Houses are Ames, Dobson, Kaiser, and Quartey. Housemasters/ mistresses are appointed to oversee the campus life of students in the various Houses. They respond to the Senior Housemaster/Housemistress.

Boarding House Inspections
The Resident Housemasters/mistresses organise inspection of the dormitories every morning of the school day (Monday - Friday). On Saturdays, weekend inspections are conducted by the Housemasters/ mistresses. The Housemasters/mistresses also submit through the Senior Housemaster/mistress weekly inspection report to the Headmaster (Secondary Dept.). All Housemasters/mistresses go on an inspection (together) once every term. This inspection is normally led by the Senior Housemaster/Housemistress.

The Resident Housemasters/mistresses supervise work in the boarding house and ensure that the school schedules (at the boarding house) are obeyed


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